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Solutions for Energy Management ( is looking for part time or full time candidates to market energy efficiency services, electricity, natural gas and water filtration in the southeast Texas area.


You will be required to attend four hours of orientation in Houston, Texas. Orientations are limited to 10 candidates at a time.


The investment for this orientation:


$100.00, if prepaid 10 business days in advance or

$125.00, paid the day of orientation or

$50.00, and 50% of commissions until a total of $150.00 is paid.


Our commission plan is outstanding with up to 90% of the gross profit as commission. You will have minimal expenses and can work from anywhere.

Additional training will be conducted quarterly. This training will be optional, limited and at a minimal investment for the attendees.


This is a 1099 position and straight commission with additional incentives.


THIS IS NOT A MLM PROGRAM! You will not be required to file reports or sales funnels or market intelligence. This is an opportunity to work part time or full time to create a personal wealth stream in an industry that never goes away. Sales experience is not necessary. There is unlimited income for a successful individual.


If interested, please send an email to with SEM CANDIDATE in the subject line. In the body, tell us a little about you or include a resume'.



If you ever wanted to be in the energy business, this is a safe, inexpensive way to do it with unlimited income potential.

Contact: Wayne LeBlanc



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