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1. Evaluate your electricity, natural gas or water bill and, if applicable, your current supplier contract.

2. Obtain your usage history from your local utility or supplier for each of your locations.

    a. Click here to complete this form for electricity usage and return via email to

    b. Click here to complete this form for natural gas usage and return via email to

    c.  OR simply email a copy of your recent utility bill to and we will do the rest.

3. Send a customized Request for Pricing (RFP) to multiple vetted, reliable electricity or natural gas suppliers.

4. Arrange for all proper handling of natural gas including nomination, transport to the city gate or other destination.


5. Recommend a competitive price and supplier contract that is most advantageous to you.

6. Handle all transactions and ensure a seamless transition to your new supplier.

7. Continually monitor the energy markets and your accounts to ensure satisfaction and identify future cost-saving opportunities.

8. Provide ongoing consulting and customer service.

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