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Solutions For Energy Management (SEM)

We now provide residential electricity in Texas.  Let us show you how you can extend savings and lock in the low pricing for as long as five years.

Who we are:

Wayne LeBlanc was a founder of the first independent Retail Electric Provider in Texas in 2000. He relocated to Waller County, Texas, consulting for clients and founding founding SEM, in 2004, guiding them through the maze of procuring electricity in a deregulated market. Mr. LeBlanc later partnered with a qualified scheduling entity, a company with a long history in natural gas energy management, to offer additional services for natural gas. There is quite a lot more to it than just the energy price. We negotiated the electricity supply agreement for Waller County in 2015, lowering the county energy cost by more than 50%, as evidenced by Judge Duhon’s comment below:

I have had the good fortune to work with Wayne LeBlanc at Solutions for Energy Management, LP on electricity requirements for Waller County, Texas over the past 8 years. His business acumen and unparalleled sense of timing in the energy industry has lowered our county’s energy cost by over 50% since 2014. He has also facilitated the county conversion to 100% renewable energy at no additional cost to the county, in fact, he was able to lower the cost during the conversion, and extended it until 2030.

     Trey Duhon, County JudgeWaller County, Texas


Give us a call at 713-253-1162, you’ll be glad you did.

What we do:

We specialize in providing energy management solutions and energy

services to commercial and industrial Clients to lower operating expenses.

Solutions For Energy Management (SEM) services include:

  • Energy Procurement (Electricity & Natural Gas)
  • Rate Analysis
  • Budget Development
  • Alternative Energy
We are proud to announce that Solutions For Energy Management (SEM) is now a member of the Waller Area Chamber of Commerce.
Business Alliance Partner with Texas Electric Cooperatives (TEC)

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