Solutions For Energy Management will……

  • 1. Evaluate your electricity, natural gas or water bill and, if applicable, your current supplier contract.
  • 2. Obtain your usage history from your local utility or supplier for each of your locations.
  •     a. Click here to complete this form for electricity usage and return via email to
  •     b. Click here to complete this form for natural gas usage and return via email to
  •     c.  OR simply email a copy of your recent utility bill to and we will do the rest.
  • 3. Send a customized Request for Pricing (RFP) to multiple vetted, reliable electricity or natural gas suppliers.
  • 4. Arrange for all proper handling of natural gas including nomination, transport to the city gate or other destination.
  • 5. Recommend a competitive price and supplier contract that is most advantageous to you.
  • 6. Handle all transactions and ensure a seamless transition to your new supplier.
  • 7. Continually monitor the energy markets and your accounts to ensure satisfaction and identify future cost-saving opportunities.
  • 8. Provide ongoing consulting and customer service.

Contact: Wayne LeBlanc



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