Solutions for Energy Management was started by Wayne LeBlanc in 2004 when he began consulting to clients after founding the first independent Retail Electric Provider in Texas in 2000.



Wayne LeBlanc is a senior business development executive with a proven record of accelerated sales and profit growth, business turnaround management, and enhanced shareholder value.  With over 25 years of business development and management responsibility in diverse markets including alternative energy, metalworking, healthcare, laboratory and high technology manufacturing companies, he has a proven record of accomplishment in business.  He is a strategic thinker with creative problem solving skills that brings exceptional vision in working with customers and suppliers to create long-term partnerships.  An in-depth involvement in the international energy markets, specifically alternative energy including natural gas, solar, waste to energy and wind.  Natural gas and electricity deregulation has been a recent focus of Mr. LeBlanc.

He is the CEO of Solutions for Energy Management where he has been involved in brokering electricity to large customers and serving as a consultant for demand side management since 1999. He has implemented several demand reduction solutions to curtail energy costs and provide the added benefit of reduced emissions. Mr. LeBlanc is currently consulting to a qualified scheduling entity involved in the recent development to broker natural gas to commercial accounts in the Houston area. These business relationships were developed during Mr. LeBlanc’s initial involvement as a founding partner in the first independent Retail Electricity Provider as Texas moved to a deregulated market. As Senior Managing Director, Sales and Marketing of Utility Choice Electric he had direct management responsibility for field sales and marketing that produced over $40 million in sales in the first year of operation. Mr. LeBlanc has consulted to more than thirty investment firms on deregulation and alternative energy as result of his experience in both areas.

He was recently nominated for a board position at the TCEQ (Texas Commission on Environmental Quality). This nomination was the result of his involvement to prevent a solid waste landfill proposed for Waller county.

Mr. LeBlanc most recently sat on the Board of Intercore Energy, Inc, a publicly traded energy investment firm since resigning his Executive VP position and board position subsequent to a change in control provision.

Mr. LeBlanc was part of an executive team formed to take the company public in 2012. The company focused on investments in early stage companies that provided a positive impact on mankind such as waste to energy, ethanol (alternative to corn) production and solar electricity.

Mr. LeBlanc was recently Vice President of Business Development for EPV Solar (2007-2008) where he was part of an executive team assembled to secure capital for manufacturing expansion, both in the U. S. and internationally, and recruitment of senior staff.  While there, the team closed on $87 million of expansion and operating capital in preparation for a public offering.

He was a founder of Utility Choice Electric (2000-2004), the first independent Retail Electric Provider in Texas. Prior to joining Utility Choice, Mr. LeBlanc served as Area Vice President for Beltone Electronics Corporation (1998-1999), one of the world’s largest manufacturers of hearing instruments.  His responsibilities there included restructuring and developing a new marketing and sales program for the entire company with an emphasis on increased consumer focus and satisfaction.  While at Beltone, Mr. LeBlanc also developed a complete consultative care process for the company’s nationwide network of over 400 distributors of hearing instruments, replacing the old “selling” model to ensure consumer satisfaction and increase sales.  Prior to working for Beltone, Mr. LeBlanc served as Area Vice President for Leica, Inc. (1993-1996), having responsibility for the management of sales and customer service relating to high technology instruments used for research and health care in the Southwestern United States.  Prior to working for Leica, Mr. LeBlanc held several management and sales positions with Baxter International, a leading worldwide health care company.

Mr. LeBlanc spent the early part of his career, over 20 years, in the scientific and medical instrument business. He began his career as a technical representative working with such customers as the USDA, EPA, major medical schools, oil companies, chemical companies and food companies. While in that position he was responsible for demonstration and training of customers to apply the latest technology for analytical testing. After a successful period, he moved into management and then to the senior level for manufacturers of scientific equipment with factories in the US, England, Germany, Switzerland, and China. Mr. LeBlanc has an extensive working knowledge of analytical testing equipment and protocols both in application and manufacturing.

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